We can offer you multimedia enhancements for your embedded systems like Set-Top boxes, information kiosk terminals, juke boxes, coin operated game units and so on. We have playback code for the

Video formats:

  • MP4>
  • MPEG 1 video,
  • AVI,
  • QuickTime MOV,
  • FLC, FLI

    Sound formats:

  • MPEG 1 & 2 audio (incl. the famous MP3 format),
  • WAV

    Also available is code for displaying pictures like GIF (incl. Animated GIF), JPEG, BMP, PCX, TGA

    All code is programmed using Assembler for the main parts and thus offering great performance even with low cost hardware.

    All multimedia players work under pure DOS, which means that Windows is not required. The expensive hardware that Windows requires is not necessary. Our multimedia playback code will even work without hard disk for example. The code can be placed in an EPROM and the videos on CD.

    Since the code doesn't use external code like Windows DLLs, it can be also modified for use with other operating systems.

    All players are licensable either as a stand alone EXE program or as a library (mainly for the Watcom C/C++ compiler but some are also available for Borland Pascal and Turbo C/C++).

    We do custom programming and modifications tailored to your needs. We also have experience in writing video drivers for specific graphics chips to provide full screen playback.

    For demo versions of our software please go to the homepage of the DOS multimedia viewer QuickView and the MPEG player page.

    You can contact Multimediaware with a detailed description of your needs.

    Last updated on 23 December 2017